The RCSS is one of the leading organizations offering First aid training to its volunteers, individuals, communities, businesses and workplaces.
It also provides emergency first aid services in times of disaster in an auxiliary capacity to government as well as first aid services on request at all major social, cultural and sporting events held on a national level.

The RCSS employs a full time first aid coordinator and instructor assisted by 37 trained volunteer First aid instructors.

Both sensitization sessions and competency based courses as well as tailor made courses are offered at the Red Cross Head Quarters Training Room or at workplaces as requested by the client. Assessment of the participants is an integral part of the training program and required for certification where each individual is assessed on how to respond to different emergency situations.

The Red Cross runs four main First Aid programs
> Practical First Aid- 3 day programme
> First Aid for the Workplace- 3-5 days based on needs of the workplace
> Refresher course for First Aiders

Community Based First Aid “A FIRST AIDER IN EVERY HOME.”

The RCSS Community Based First Aid program is designed to sensitise vulnerable people and others who have the duty of care  on the prevention of accidents and  importance of First Aid. The CBFA is a one day program recognized with an attendance certificate imparting basic first aid knowledge and skills adapted to the needs of the target group.

Whether you need a course for your workplace or you just want to learn First Aid skills to prepare you in case of emergencies at home or outside the home, the RCSS is there to help you acquire the necessary competencies to respond promptly and appropriately to a range of situations and incidents in order to preserve life and protect casualties until specialized aid becomes available.

The Red Cross recommends that any person with duty of care to others is a certified first aider. This group includes
> Child minders
> Home carers
> Parents
> Teachers in particular sports and persons working in laboratories
> Emergency and Disaster response personnel
> Community Based Volunteers.
> Police officers/ traffic police

The Red Cross further strongly recommends that all motorists are competent first aiders as they are the first persons on road traffic accident scenes and would be able to carry out the initial life saving actions.

First Aid kits of various sizes are also available from the Red Cross branches for purchase.

Contact your local Red Cross Branch by email or by telephone for First Aid Training and First Aid Services
Mahe Branch: 2374543/ 2 520210
Praslin Branch : 4 23 72 89 / 2 61 89 85
La Digue Branch : 4234474/ 2618991