The consumption of water and the generation of human waste require planning for appropriate use; therefore meeting basic water and sanitation needs in post –disaster situations is crucial to save lives, control and prevent  disease, reduce psychological stress and restore dignity.

It also involves the following:
> Latrine construction
> Vector control and protection
> Garbage collection
> Incineration of medical waste
> Disposal of death, cadavers
> Drainage (camp design)
> Hygiene Promotion

After the hit of the Tropical Depression in 2013, a group of volunteers were trained in water and sanitation, as the event has brought about concern about the outbreak of the dengue fever which was starting to affect certain population on La Digue. Stagnant water in the streets, public places, in marshes especially, around the home environments were also concerns for mosquitoes had started to infest these areas. However the matter could be dealt with effectively thanks to the technical help we received from the federation, whereby two experts came in on the field to tackle the matter as well giving the training to our volunteers.