Seychelles is a beautiful country and one that is surrounded with the sea, the beauty catches once attention as to wonder and marveled of its attractions but however it is very important to think further on some of the dangers that may occur in the future. This is why we have placed emphasis in making the water rescue one of our core activity.  Throughout the population, people are given adequate education and raising their awareness has been one of the main activity, and following that it also offers several activity to amplify the importance of all the effort being placed into.

The water rescue and life guard program within the RCSS is aimed at training and certifying participants with intermediate level of swimming skills to assist and respond during emergencies, both in closed water area or the open seas. Participants are exposed with the different techniques used in saving lives and proper use of water safety tools and equipments.

The RCSS trainers received their training by the Spanish Red Cross.  Assessment of participants forms are integral part of the training programme and is highly required before certification. Simulation exercises are recommended with this training, whereby each individual is assessed on how to respond to the different emergency situations.

With a pool of trainers as rescue instructor’s, RCSS remains one of the societies with people trained in water rescue with adequate and appropriate equipments.
The instructors are validated volunteers and are supposed to participate in activities such as standby on at most events organized on the beach.