Dissemination, being one of the core programmes of the Red Cross Society of Seychelles (RCSS) involves communicating information to different groups of people to sensitize them on the role of the Red Cross movement. It is integrated in all of the society’s programmes ever since it was founded in August 1989. In its daily operations, activities of the RCSS reflect and promote the four core areas of the Federation strategy 2010.

To be effective, the RCSS needs the attention and support of the public opinions, volunteers and decision makers. Its ability to communicate the principles it stands for and the actions it take to alleviate the plight of vulnerable people in our country is crucial to our success in protecting human life and dignity.

The RCSS like other National societies has as its primary responsibility to disseminate the principles and ideals of the Red Cross. The dissemination of these principles and ideals and the International Humanitarian Law (IHL) helps to educate the population on the Red Cross Movement and furthermore helps to prevent the violations of humanitarian principles.

Dissemination is done through different mediums: the production of our quarterly newsletter, dissemination training workshops session, television programmes, production of other relevant publications and its website. To that effect we perceive the idea of dissemination as a means of education for peace and advocacy. These activities and the dissemination of the fundamental principles form one of the contributions of our National Society to sensitize and educate the population on the RC Movement for promotion of world peace.

Dissemination of the principles of the Red Cross and the basic rules of IHL helps to motivate volunteers. To give you, volunteers the feeling that you are part of a worldwide movement. It is also important to teach you the history and structure of the Red Cross Movement and its contributions, which is also yours, to achieving the movement’s humanitarian objectives.

A core group of people is trained as disseminators to assist in the implementation of dissemination programmes in the RCSS. They represent the National Society at national and International fora and are focal points to RCSS dissemination programmes.

A training Manual is also available for members of the network.