“The worst case scenario has been averted. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to mitigate the effects of the heavy rains, and helped to ensure homes were protected and those people affected were moved to safety. The culture of preparedness that we have developed has made us more resilient and able to face such weather with limited damage and threat to life and property, and with confidence in ourselves and in our capabilities ” said President Michel. Adding that we cannot control the forces of nature, the President urged the people of Seychelles “to remain vigilant and to continue to reinforce our culture of preparedness”.

Emergency responders from the Division of Risk and Disaster Management, Environment Department, the Fire and Rescue Services, and Police, the Seychelles People’s Defence Forces, the Seychelles National Parks Authority, the Ministry of Land Use and Housing, the Seychelles Red Cross Society, the Department of Community Development, the Seychelles Land Transport Authority, the Ministry of Health and PUC,  the Meteorological Services all took part in the mitigation activities.

Source http://www.statehouse.gov.sc/news.php?news_id=2661