The Red Cross Society of Seychelles carries out activities in the following areas of focus established in its Strategic Plan for 2012- 2016:

Principles and Values, Partnerships and Humanitarian Diplomacy
The RCSS seeks to promote humanitarian values and principles within the national society and to the general population of Seychelles with the aim of promoting peace, respect and dignity. It promotes partnerships on a local, national, regional and international basis and advocates for humanitarian causes on behalf of the vulnerable people.

Climate Change and Community based Disaster Risk Reduction
Awareness of climate change impacts and hazards threatening health, safety and livelihoods can help communities to prepare for and mitigate consequences of disasters. Through community and school based awareness activities, capacity building of its volunteers at branch levels, risk and capacity assessments the RCS S helps to prepare and assists individuals and communities to face current and future threats.

Community based Health and Safety
The Red Cross Society of Seychelles focuses on a number of disaster preparedness, response and health issues and programmes aimed at saving lives and promoting healthy and resilient communities. The health and safety programmes include First Aid, blood donor recruitment, water safety, road safety, psychosocial support, HIV/ AIDS awareness and promotion of healthy lifestyles.

Partnership and Resource Mobilisation for Sustainability
The RCSS depends on partnerships for its resources and financial support. It therefore has to establish and implement an effective resource mobilisation strategy for the sustainability of its programmes and services.

Organisational Development and Volunteer Management
RCSS has established as a strategic goal: to strengthen its structures and systems at governance, management and branch levels. It is in the process of developing its volunteer management policy that will guide the management, retention, training and recognition of volunteers.