Strategic Area Two

The impact of climate change, disasters and development can have serious consequences on the environment, livelihoods, water and food security, and health. Effective preparation and disaster response remains high on the RCSS agenda as it looks to expand the capacity of its branches on Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. Through risk and capacity assessments, as well as other actions, the RCSS will help to prepare individuals and communities in facing current and future threats.

Having a greater awareness of hazards and identifying appropriate responses can help to reduce the consequences of disasters when they strike.

Strategic Goal 2

Strengthen the capabilities of the RCSS to prepare and respond effectively to disasters, and provide assistance to the most vulnerable before, during, and after disasters.

Strategic Goal 3

Enhance community awareness of climate change and strengthen community based resilience to disasters

Strategic Objectives

> Review RCSS disaster management policies, procedures and guidelines

> Strengthen partnerships & establish procedures with relevant partners & stakeholders to ensure coordinated, effective and efficient preparation, training & response mechanisms for disasters

> Strenthen logistics systems and management competencies of National Society

> Establish and build the capacity of Branch Disaster Responsive Teams to effectively provide emergency responses in disaster situations

> Establish the capacities and vulnerabilities of local communities in partnership with said local group

> Implement educational and disaster risk reduction initiatives at community levels